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[Closed] Riggs's Doodle Requests (FREEBIES)

Posted 3 months and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 1 month and 2 weeks ago by Riggles
Good Afternoon, Starry Friends!

Riggles here, and I'm back with an opportunity for Star Supporters to receive a free mystery doodle custom! Please read all the rules and information as there are major changes to how these will work this time! We are testing a few things on the website, so requests will be here!
I don't know how many I will pick. These are free. I might only make 3. I might make more. I will not announce who is picked. Instead I will surprise chosen recipients by transferring via the new Masterlist and pinging them in the Discord server! (If you don't claim within a couple days, I will DM to make sure it isn't missed. If you don't want the finished con, it will be raffled instead. You aren't required to accept it if you aren't happy with the results.)

Fill out this form and send in the replies of the designated comment below! Please keep other comments under the designated comment reply chain so I don't lose track of requests!
Discord Username:
What is your requested theme and/or colors?:
Link max. 1 image: Palette, moodboard, or other inspiration image
Rules for these requests:
1. I'm no longer doing requests based on existing characters whether personal OCs, from an anime/game, etc.
2. DO NOT DELETE OR EDIT your request comment. If you delete or edit your submission after I started a con for you, I will raffle it instead.
3. If picked, you must skip the next month for any "Rigg's Doodle Custom Requests" to give more people a chance. This applies just for my free doodle customs and not other raffles or paid customs. 
4. Do not trade these Constellions within the first two weeks of receiving if your request is chosen. These are gifted mini customs. Give them a chance instead of immediately using as trade fodder, or don't accept if you do not like them! If I catch you doing breaking this rule, you will be graylisted from joining custom doodle requests hosted by Riggles!
5. Do not sell for any type of currency if you have not added art. If I catch you doing breaking this rule, you will be graylisted from joining custom doodle requests hosted by Riggles!
Additional Notes:
- These may be any style - experimental and SMOL. 
- Keep requests SIMPLE. You may make simple requests like "stardust tail", "mismatch ears", "horns", etc. Common and Uncommon traits only. Do not be overly specific or I may skip over. 
- OTHER STAFF MIGHT JOIN IN GIVING! While this is my event, you might get a surprise from other staff instead!
Accepting requests until November 30 at 11:59pm EST!